Can-Am Logs & Lumber supplied by the Amish Communities

The Amish originally came from Switzerland and their history dates back to 1525. They were opposed to the union of the State and the Church, as well as baptizing the children. They believed in baptizing at the ripe age of 18 years. After suffering persecution and countless martyrs in Europe at the beginning of the 18th century, they crossed the Atlantic Ocean in search of freedom. Today, there are no Amish communities left in Europe.
The Amish are mostly found in 19 states of the USA, mainly Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, where they live in rural areas and preserve their culture of origin with their specific dress codes, language and religion. They live exactly as they did 200 years ago, where no electricity is used, and still travel with horse and buggy. They are not allowed to drive cars, since it is against their principles. The Amish cultivate their own produce, and work the land with equipment and machinery that no longer exist today. They must repair their equipment themselves when it wears out. This being said, it is obvious by their way of life that nature and environment can only do well!

Some Amish communities now use electricity and telephones to facilitate their work, and sawmills allow large machinery such as loaders and trucks on the premises to help out with larger pieces. Nevertheless, they are still equally ecological and conservative in their customs.

The Amish live in fairly closed communities, which means that meeting them without knowing anyone is not obvious. Very few foreigners or outsiders can enter an Amish citizen’s home. Here at Can-Am Logs & Lumber, the president Jean-Pierre and his daughters, Stephanie and Sabrina consider themselves extremely privileged to be among the Amish during their business visits!