Know our History and more About us

For over 25 years, Jean-Pierre Lavoie (president) has specialized in purchasing and selling all types of rare pieces of North-American hardwood. He has created Can-Am Logs & Lumber to purposely show the creativity of nature at its finest to those who, like Jean-Pierre, appreciate the uniqueness of hardwood. Can-Am’s customers include do-it-yourselfers, artists, crafters, carpenters, cabinet makers, designers, musicians, and wholesalers. Can-Am sells all across Canada (mostly Quebec and Ontario), and exports to New England, France, Spain and Japan. The company mainly obtains its supplies from the Amish in Ohio (also Pennsylvania and occasionally Missouri). Mr. Lavoie does much of his business with the Amish community because of their care for the environment, which, he believes is far better than the standards set by any forest preservation associations.

“Jean-Pierre Lavoie, specialisation in purchasing lumber in North America for tone wood, lumbers, slabs and veneer”

Can-Am Logs & Lumber has more than 1000 slabs in stock of various species of hardwood and regularly receive monthly provisions. We here at Can-Am Logs & Lumber are proud to have the privilege of purchasing some of the largest pieces of wood ever seen in Quebec, thanks to our friends and suppliers in the Amish community!