About Us

Jean-Pierre Lavoie owner of Can-Am and Bois Lavoie has always worked in the forestry sector. Prior to owning Can-Am and Bois Lavoie he was a grader, measurer and buyer of hardwood logs. Jean-Pierre Lavoie founded Bois Lavoie in September 1996 and after On January 25, 2007, Jean-Pierre Lavoie founded the company Can-Am Logs & Lumber. Can-Am's goal was to supply birch logs for a Japanese company. Over time the birch market disappeared to make way for black walnut dimensions markets. From there came the idea of ​​selling and buying logs of black walnut and other rare wood species. For more than 24 years, most of the wood has been sourced directly from Canadian and US loggers, the Amish community, as well as recycling of old trees destroyed by storms or death from natural causes. Can-Am doesn’t kill trees but give them a second life. Now Can-Am offers individuals and wholesalers wood slabs, boards, veneer as well as tone wood. In 2018, his daughters Stéphanie & Sabrina acquired shares in the company. Can Am is a member of QWeb (“Quebec Wood Export Bureau”). A Quebec organization that advocates good management of forest heritage.